Austin Cohen is a New York Law School graduate. He always knew that he wanted to be an agent, working with celebrities and influencers. Before immersing himself in the industry, he imagined that we would like to work in sports as a booking agent. After graduation, however, he realized that influencer and brand marketing was the niche for him.

Austin worked as the coordinator of legal and business affairs for WhoSay Inc. Following his tenure with WhoSay Inc., he began working as a talent agent, doing executive branding for Central Entertainment Group out of New York City. For five years he handled high-profile clients such as Care/Of Vitamins, Home Chef, and Native, among others.

Austin is partner and co-founder of 456 Growth Media, using his extensive experience with brand management and legal expertise to the company’s advantage. His contribution to the company helps clients define and target their intended audience through t Save he combination of tried-and-true marketing strategies with proven results and innovative new methods to maximize the brand’s reach and potential. Last year alone, Austin Cohen handled more than $30 million in business revenue.

He enjoys being on the front lines of innovation in an industry that is constantly evolving and changing. “Influencer marketing to help scale brands was, and is, still booming.” He strives to create and sustain industry standards. Being a pioneer in the industry requires motivation and agility, something he has learned through experience over the years. For now, Austin Cohen and 456 Growth Media look to the future, expanding to include an investment company aimed at identifying start-ups, disruptors, and innovators with a clearly defined high-growth trajectory.

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